About Dr. Yury

The achievements of Dr. Yury Kronn, a physicist recognized worldwide as a major contributor to the field of non-linear quantum radio-physics, reveal a man who has spent his life seeing things differently.

By logically, persistently, and oftentimes courageously, following the trail of information presented to him by his research—even when it didn’t fit the picture painted by modern science—Dr. Kronn has brought new understandings to the world of physics for decades:

• He developed the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of the electromagnetic field with matter

• He unraveled a series of nonlinear optics phenomena that had puzzled scientists for years

• He co-authored the definitive book in his field, titled Resonant Nonlinear Interactions of Light with Matter, a book based on his theories and currently used at universities around the world.

• He led the development of the world’s first four-photon tunable laser frequency converter operating in the infrared range

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For many years Dr. Kronn was one of the leading theoreticians in high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics and nonlinear optics. His graduate studies at Gorky State University (now Nuzhi Nogorod) were with the Department of Radiophysics where the famous Russian academician, A. A. Andronov, created one of the world’s most advanced physics environments for the theoretician wanting to analyze and understand the complexities of non-linear systems. As the physics department founder, Andronov created a unique framework for exploring certain complex processes in chemistry, biology and physics that previously had eluded straight-forward mathematical system standards.

    • Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Moscow, USSR)
    • Post Doctorate in Physics and Mathematics
    • Dissertation: “Resonant Multiphoton Processes in Gaseous Media”

    1977 – Lebedev’s Institute Of Physics

    • Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
    • Dissertation: “Theory of Non-linear Processes Wherein Laser Beams Interact with Matter”

    1967 – Gorky State University

    • MS in Physics
    • Diploma of Physicist - Investigator in Radiophysics

    1958 – Gorky State University


Dr. Yury Kronn, is a world renowned scientist, inventor, author, and the lead scientist for Vital Force Technology, Research & Science division of Energy Tools International LLC.

Dr. Kronn developed the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with atoms and molecules, co-authored the definitive book in his field, Resonant Interactions of Light with Matter, and published more than 75 scientific articles. He developed the theory of multi-photon lasers, contributed to the theory of laser-stimulated chemical reactions, and created the world’s first 4-photon tunable laser frequency converter in the infrared range. He holds five patents and is currently finishing his new book.

Today, Dr. Kronn is an authority in the science of subtle energy and has been involved in subtle energy physics research for the past 30 years.

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